SORAF is a comprehensive and secure web-based assessment management system designed for large-scale deployment of sex offender risk assessment instruments, namely Static-99, Stable-2007, and Acute-2007, across multiple jurisdictions, with central administration, multi-level control and reporting. These tools allow the identification of static as well as dynamic variables to measure the risk factors for sex offense recidivism.

By storing the data in a unified repository, SORAF makes it feasible for analyzing research questions at any level and provide a Combined Report which includes the risk factors from these three instruments. This report can also be used to co-relate these findings with other instruments, like LSI-R, which provide general criminogenic risk assessments.

General Highlights of SORAF:

SORAF is a flagship solution developed by Cyzap Inc, a company specializing in developing high-impact websites and database solutions. Some of its key features are listed below:

  • Extremely intuitive and user-friendly
  • 100% web-based. Only requires users to have a web browser and Internet access
  • Turn key solution with no investment of technical hardware or infrastructure by the correctional department or affiliated agencies
  • Fully customizable to match the current and future business rules mandated by the administrative agency Includes a practice version for training of prospective users
  • Ability to interface with any other offender and case management systems deployed by the correctional department or affiliated agencies and provider
  • General purpose query interface to search, list, and export data using one or more combination of search fields
  • Custom and secure data-download options
  • Supports the concept of combined reports where the data from multiple instruments can be presented and joined as per specified rules to get comprehensive picture of the offender's profile and risk category.

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