Stable-2007© Assessment

The Stable-2007 is an instrument that measures factors which are potentially changeable but endure for months or years. The Stable 2007 consists of a guided interview process covering 13 major areas of stable risk in the offender, namely:

  • Significant Social Influences
  • Capacity for Stable Relationships
  • Emotional Identification with Children
  • Hostility toward women
  • General Social Rejection
  • Lack of concern for others
  • Impulsive
  • Poor Problem Solving Skills
  • Negative Emotionality
  • Sex Drive / Sex Preoccupation
  • Sex as Coping
  • Deviant Sexual Preferences
  • Co-operation with Supervisor

As with the Static-99, when you choose to create a new Stable-2007 assessment, you can specify the offense type and the assessment purpose (whether initial or reassessment) in the General Info section and specify the other fields in the scoring form. The scores for each question are determined by the assessor while conducting the assessment. The assessment screen also allows the assessor to enter notes for specific questions, which get saved as part of the assessment record.

The STABLE 2007 score report computes the total score and intermediate risk category and presents them along with the original responses in a concise, easy-to-read, printer-friendly format: