Assessment Engine

The assessment engine ensures that all the assessments are created and handled consistently. The engine automatically assigns a unique ID to each new assessment and tracks the creation date, assessor, purpose, and current status and which offender the assessment is for. A user can easily list the past assessments conducted for any offender and review these general parameters.

Other highlights of this engine include:

  • Hold incomplete assessments which can be completed at a later time
  • Ability to control how long a completed assessment can be edited before it gets 'frozen'. This feature ensures that an assessor cannot manipulate their existing assessment when their work is being reviewed.
  • Ability to control who can 'unfreeze' a 'frozen' assessment for making corrections.
  • Track the purpose of each assessment (initial assessment vs. re-assessment)
  • Rollover an existing assessment as a starting point for re-assessment
  • Context-sensitive Help available through pop-up tips, online FAQs, and help files